Friday, July 13, 2012

Eating Los Angeles: evarestaurant

-- menu --
whipped tofu with nasturtium and root vegetables
wild halibut, cabbage, lemon verbena, charred spring onion

Snackers, I'm writing you from the Avalon Hotel in Beverly
Hills!  Like most country bumpkins, I was really looking
forward to spotting a celebrity in their natural element here
in Los Angeles.

Disappointingly, I ran into one in Green Hills right  before 
I left Nashville.  I chalked it up as further  proof that Taylor 
Swift is on a private campaign to ruin my day. She always 
takes my parking spot.  You think I'm kidding, but it defies 
mathematical odds.  If I'm going head-to-head with another 
car at the Green Hills mall, there's a solid 50% chance that 
she's in the vehicle.

Anyways, the great thing about being vegan in Los Angeles is 
that every single restaurant accommodates.  I even found a place 
that had "oxygenated vegetables," though I have only a vague
guess as to what that means.  In my head, it's the exact opposite
of hydroponic.

My mom went to evarestaurant last night, and gave it a
glowing review.  She asked me to post pictures of her meal,
so here they are!  I couldn't find the details on the chocolate

I went to M Cafe de Chaya, a macrobiotic restaurant in Beverly
Hills.  More on that tomorrow.

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