Monday, March 4, 2013

Sorry for the Hold Up!

hello dear friends!

sorry about the radio silence around here this week.
and for those of you who have commented or emailed me,
thank you thank you thank you
i will be emailing you/commenting back soon.
your responses and enthusiasm for this blog
keep me writing, and i appreciate each and
every one of you.

i work full-time in addition to my cooking,
and this month i've been working a lot more
than usual (45+ hours this week), so i have
been eating rather poorly of late.

last night i undercooked my brown rice and the
indigestion kept me up until 1AM.  and THAT's
why you don't watch law & order : SVU while
making macrobiotic food.  while my rice boiled
i was yelling at my mom 
i think i scared my rice.

i have a few segments coming up that i hope you'll

i was so inspired by my vacation to palm springs
this year that i'm doing 
a tribute to ugly 1960's food art

i'm also doing my yearly 
easter sweet treats special

if you like what we do around here and want to see
more, please share the blog with your friends, pin
my recipes on pinterest, post on Facebook...  let's
keep the macro momentum going!

lots of love,

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