Friday, June 8, 2012

Becky's Kitchen Nightmares

I'm dreaming of a legendary kitchen.  We're about to undertake a major kitchen renovation, but the important stuff like island placement and square footage doesn't interest me.

I'm more interested in the color of the kitchen door...  the number of teacups on the shelf... the pots of green herbs.  I love the details.  To me, a room is about its amenities.  I had custom picture frames on the wall of my last apartment before my bed had sheets.  Or a mattress.  Or a bed frame.

It drives my family insane.  I do the same thing with clothes.  My mom throws a fit because I'd rather buy six neon belts than one jacket.  What can I say?  I love tiny, perfect moments.

The thing I love best about kitchens are that accessories are the name of the game.  Plates, cups, china...  Even dried foods become props.  On the third picture below, you can see how a braid of garlic is both a beautiful and functional item in this kitchen.

I hope you enjoy my kitchen idea board!  I'll be posting rosemary fries later!

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