Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Flu That Came and Went

So after a breakneck week of studying, working, and driving out to the Berkshires, my health collapsed on Sunday, and all day yesterday, I felt rotten.

In many ways, my illness was a wonderful teacher because it was a very forceful, immediate reminder of what my body could and couldn't handle. Last year, if I stayed up past 1 AM or mixed the wrong foods, I got horribly nauseated.

Now that my health is so much stronger and I can "cheat" without too much immediate consequence, I get these irritating colds a bit more often. It's hard to force myself to observe strict macrobiotics when I can get away with being vegan/no processed foods so easily. It was a real eye-opener being at Kushi this weekend and realizing how far I have to go to recenter my cooking.

My body served as an excellent teacher again with this cold. We made a few huge pots of macro soups and concentrates, including one with stewed bok choi that was pretty life-changing. I went a little heavy on the mirin, though, and was rewarded with some pretty extreme congestion an hour later.

That being said, my body reacted very well to this return to a simple, slow-cooked diet, and when I woke up this morning, the cold was completely gone. I had a high fever the night before and was MISERABLE, and all of my friends were sick as dogs. So I'm so thankful to have benefited from this healing food!

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