Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey all. So I really cheated a lot on the diet around my birthday (think clotted cream, a few glasses of wine, tons of sugar, etc.)...

Consequently, my body decided to let me know how it felt about all that by kicking my butt this week. Woke up Monday night at about 2 AM feeling rotten, so I took my prescription anti-emetic in a fit of stupidity.

I hate anti-emetics. It is quite beyond my comprehension WHY I did it. It was 2 AM, and I was freaked out. Anti-emetics are a class of drug prescribed to treat nausea due to radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery. They were given to me (along with eternal refills) by my doctors, who had no idea what was wrong and were pretty sure that removing my gall bladder was a good way to find out. Their side effects caused me to go from having no opinion on medical marijuana to having quite a few opinions on the topic.

I really hate meds. Last time I was given this one through an IV, I had already thrown up all over the nurse (awkward...), so as I told her in my morphine haze, "A little bit of a moot point now, don't you think?" But on the bright side, I finally lived the dream of actually vomiting as a response to a frat boy's body odor later that day on the subway. Every girl should get to do that once. It's like doing dinner and a show in New York City. Iconic.

I've felt pretty crappy all week. I haven't helped it by all the maté and soy milk I've been drinking, nor the popcorn I just consumed waiting for my dinner to arrive. Popcorn... that's a killer. I should have known better. But it was lunch today that really did it. I was so horribly sick after lunch... my bones hurt. I don't really know what that was. It felt like a violent reaction to an avocado, but since I make avocado ice cream a lot, it doesn't seem like that could be it. It was pretty harmless... beans and rice with tomatoes and cilantro and a little corn and some guacamole. I'm not really sure what the deal was, but MAN it was rough. It felt like there was a rodeo going on in my pancreas.

Mysteries... Tonight, I'm sipping miso and doing a strong morning miso with steamed greens for breakfast. Taking a break from the gym (working on my 'finness,' as they say.) and doing some laundry.

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