Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it's 5 AM.

Ok. It is 5 AM and I am MISERABLE from eating watermelon. I am so mad. I am 23 years old. My body is not supposed to fall apart like this. It's insanity. I'm so over it. The infection I had turned into a rash, and I'm broken out all over my body. I should have known when I started craving rolls that it was a bad thing. I had a roll and some watermelon, and now I'm itchy and rashy literally from head to toe.

This is insanity. I've met septuagenarians who are healthier than me. I literally want to claw my skin off right now. AAAGHHHHH!!!!!

The thing that really makes me mad is that it was JUST WATERMELON. It wasn't like I was doing hard drugs. I wasn't even taking TYLENOL, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I just want to cry. Partly from the discomfort, partly from the fact that I can't live my life because I'm constantly being punished by my stupid body. I am just freaking out right now. This is insanity.

I know I'll be better in a few days... but does that mean I have to be MISERABLE in the mean time?

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