Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alkaline Greens

I love these greens. I got the recipe from Ginny last spring when I was hovering over her stove and she placated me by feeding me. I'm easy to please.


This dish literally takes 10 minutes and is so healing when my body is too acidic! I had a sore throat for the last week, and literally within 24 hours, I am already feeling better and my digestive tract is healing and regulating from my move to Boston.

1 bunch broccoli rabe (alias: broccoli rappini)
1 bunch broccolini (alias: baby broccoli)
3 small-medium leeks
1/3 c. umeboshi plum vinegar ($2.39 at whole foods)
2-4 tbsp. sesame oil ($5-7 depending on the store)

Slice leek in half and wash dirt out of the leaves. Cut the remaining sides into half-disks and pan-fry in a HUGE pan or pot in the sesame oil until the leeks have turned bright green. Cut the bottom inch and a half off the rabe and the broccolini so it's not woody. Add the broccolis and mix well with the leeks. Pour the ume plum vinegar over the whole thing, mix well, and either cover or mix repeatedly for 10-15 minutes over a low-medium heat. Enjoy!

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