Monday, April 1, 2013

peace, love, and macrobiotics

sometimes, the worst weeks are my best weeks.

this week, my doctors laid down the law and told me i had to
get penicillin injections for my ongoing battles with infection.  i know
 it's due to the unbalanced schedule i lead, but as long as my life is
out of balance, i guess my skin is too.

i fought them pretty hard, as i haven't taken antibiotics since 2009.
sure enough, i experienced horrible side effects.  ironically, also skin
related.  i didn't get much sleep this weekend, and i was really worried
that due to the severity of the reaction i had, that i'd have to go on meds.

i usually only talk about food (or shoes) on here, but i know a lot of you
are struggling with your health, and i always want to be real with you,
because the macrobiotic community is... a community.  we support each
other, and i think that communal support is really key in healing.

well, i decided to get back to the basics to treat my symptoms.  i took
out my cutting board, and really spent time with the food.  i carefully
washed, dried, and sliced all my veggies, and i was amazed at the calm
that came over me.  a ton of emotions and thoughts that i hadn't realized
were there floated to the surface.  i calmly balanced my meal, using root
veggies, greens, seaweeds, and grains.  i took several remedies, including
aduki bean tea tonight.

my body has begun healing on its own, and i feel like my mind and my
spirit are healing with it.  i realized through this that i can trust my body.
i also realized that i really don't need coffee as much as i think i do :)
finally, i am not only trusting in god, but overwhelmed by his universal
providence.  he loved me enough to let my illness be my teacher to guide
me to the foods i knew i should be eating.  

i feel so blessed cooking these recipes, and as i cook, i can feel the energy
and love of all the amazing friends and teachers whose recipes i prepare.
i know that their wish for me was to grow strong enough to heal myself.
the movements they taught me, techniques, recipes, guidance, and patience
are with me when i cook.  i really almost lost hope this week.  i felt so
helpless and demoralized, and then i felt the love of all of my friends and
teachers who shared macrobiotics with me and knew i would be okay.

when you cook macrobiotic food, think about all the people who passed down
those recipes.  they shared them from love, and someone passed it along to
someone else who passed it along to you because the food you're cooking
enriched their life, and because they care about you.

and that is why i love macrobiotics.

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