Tuesday, February 12, 2013

how to balance a winter meal

it's supper time.

it all started with a fresh paycheck and too much free time.
i decided that i needed cuter dishes if I was going to take pictures
of my works of culinary prowess, so i hit up anthropologie and west elm
in search of the perfect dish set.

needless to say, i was completely distracted by the tentacle candelabras.
i will be that eccentric aunt whose house creaks in the cold new england chill
and frightens the children.

this is the set that i already have.  isn't it amazing?  the charger is an octopus.

i picked up a new plate and bowl, and headed home to make a hearty macro lunch.

above is an open-faced salmon sandwich // steamed kale with a sweet
shallot and garlic dressing

hearty winter kinpira!

a lot of you have been asking me how i balance my meals in the winter.
protein // grain // green // root

that's the formula!  now, you can combine more than one category in a dish,
like i did with the salmon sandwich (protein and grain).

last week i combined root/round vegetable (rutabaga) with green (leek)
into a warm rutabaga leek soup.  i'll post a better picture when i make it tomorrow,
because the picture i have is just totally unappetizing, haha.

and the cool thing is, there are so many options with macrobiotics.

a lot of people get overwhelmed when they say "i have to use all those
different kinds of vegetables AND do a soup once a day AND do a pickle?!"

well, you can reuse old dishes, combine categories, and mix and match.  if you
did one grain every meal, one new protein, one dish of JUST root, one green
from scratch three times a day, you would never leave the kitchen.

Now simplify your life.  For breakfast, you boil some water and quick blanche
some greens.  you pop some diced root veggies into a pot, add a little miso, and
have a quick soup.  then you quickly steam some of last night's rice.

that took ten minutes!

even if you grab a quick black bean soup from whole foods for lunch, at least
you have the foundations of a good macrobiotic meal on your stomach as you
begin your day.  when you return home from work, you can get a little crazier in the kitch.

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