Saturday, January 12, 2013

preparing for the bento

after several months out of the kitchen, i am preparing myself for
a great culinary challenge:  the bento box.

step 1:  buy a bento box.

i'm experimenting with bento theory.  trying on different recipes for size.

i've got the general bento math down to this equation:

1/2 seasoned rice
1/6 green veggie side dish
1/6 protein
1/6 pickle

= bento

but what recipes to use?  obviously meat, eggs, bread, and sugar--ingredients
that were historically absent from the obento but have made their debut in recent years,
are off the menu.

when i lived in japan, my host mother cooked absolutely dazzling obento.
the box was tiny, the food was filling, and somehow i STILL lost 10 pounds
and was briefly able to find clothing in japan that fit.

yesterday's experimentations were:
assorted mushroom teriyaki with shredded scallion garnish.
sweet and savory nappa with tomatoes*
macrobiotic mild kimchi
sesame marinated bean sprouts

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