Thursday, May 10, 2012

Japanese Goodies I Want and Need

mortar + pestle
starwest botanicals   ::   6" suribachi   $14

I consider this a macro must-have!  Make gomashio, turn tofu into dressing, break down nuts and dry spices...  I plan on using my future suribachi to make ohagi (sticky rice balls)!

Wood-Drop Lid
amazon   ::   sukiyaki nabe with otoshibuta lid   $26

Soak this bamboo lid in cold water and enjoy!  You can put weights on it to get a pressure-like effect on grains and beans, or simply lay it flat on saucy sautés and get a more even distribution of liquids.

Most Excellent Veggie Scrubbie
amazon   ::   japanese tawashi brush   $3
Cute like a hedgehog, tricky like a fox.  This thing rules for cleaning wooden spoons, lids, and bowls.  It is also a bangin' vegetable scrubber, clearing dirt and debris without damaging your produce.

benriner mandolin
"Terrible things, but great things."  -Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
amazon ::  benriner japanese mandolin slicer  $22
This thing is kind of frightening, but if you're in a hurry or you're cooking for more than five people, this thing gets it done.  Scarily sharp, terrifyingly toothy, and compact in a way that only a Japanese slicing device can be, the benriner mandolin is a serious kitchen tool.  
With great power comes great responsibility. 
Wear kevlar gloves.

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