Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snacksgiving Is On The Horizon!

At 6:20 AM, I was reading my wedding magazines on the subway headed home to Nashville when the cabin caught fire. Boston is a city of hardened, jaded individuals for whom ads have been placed on the streets and subway cars, reminding them to be nice. I ran out of the subway car at the next stop, looked behind me, and saw that with the exception of the conductor and a handful of sane individuals (who were all wielding fire extinguishers), the rest of the passengers were calmly reading their papers, engulfed in smoke.

This is because they would rather go up in flames than give their hard-earned seats to some Johnny-Come-Lately who got on at Arlington.

It's good to be home in Nashville. Down here, building catches fire, folks get out.

As you've probably gleaned, I'm here in Nashville shopping... finishing my grad school applications... cooking delicious Snacksgiving.

Here's the menu for my non-turkey, non-stuffing, non-hospital side of the table:

Scottish Salmon with a Caper "Cream" Sauce
Slow-Cooked Lemony Collard Greens
Buttered Vegan, Gluten-Free Rolls (It's Thanksgiving. There's gotta be rolls)
Cornbread Dressing
Almond Mousse Tarts in a Rolled Oat Crust

Two years ago, I spent Thanksgiving week hooked up to a morphine drip in the hospital. While that certainly has its merits (among them, strolling confidently through the ER in an open-back gown), I plan to spend this week eating health-supportive food, sleeping in a bed that doesn't get lifted up and down by remote control.

When I get back, I'm having a wonderful Cranksgiving in Boston. Cranksgiving is Christmas/Thanksgiving with your friends. On Cranksgiving, we eat leftover Indian food loaded into plastic Solo cups because we don't know what happened to the plates, and complain. Cranksgiving was founded by individuals in the service industry as a means of alleviating holiday stress. Let me tell you, there would be a lot more poisoned Christmas hams and tinsel stranglings if it weren't for this most hallowed of evenings.

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